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A Celebration of Frances Burney Lorna J. Clark

A Celebration of Frances Burney

Lorna J. Clark

Published October 1st 2007
241 pages
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 About the Book 

On the two hundred and fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the writer Frances Burney (1752-1840), a window to her memory was placed in the arched recess of stained glass that graces Poets Corner. Novelist, playwright and diarist, Frances Burney is one of the few women accorded such an honour. She joins the likes of Jane Austen, Charlotte Bronte and George Eliot who might in some ways be seen as her literary heirs. Burneys journey to recognition on the stage of the world has been a long one, crowned finally with triumph. The service marked the mid-point of a two-day conference in which various aspects of Burneys life and achievement were canvassed. Her journals and letters, her novels and plays (both comedies and tragedies), her life, family and context were all given serious scholarly treatment. This volume includes the papers presented at the conference, which cover the many facets of a remarkable career and represent the broad spectrum of scholarly approaches to the entire opus of Frances Burney. It shows how far Burney has come from being dismissed as a minor precursor to Jane Austen to being recognized in her own right as a powerful, complex and influential writer, whose works had considerable impact on her own and subsequent generations.